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We were created with the SEPARATION from the ONE with the Polarization (“big bang”).

For the Reason to KNOW Ourselves to BE ONE WITH THE ONE.

So, in order to be able to Reason we need the BRAIN.

Therefore, we need to Eat FOOD to create the BLOOD to Activate the Brain to be able to THINK.

In this Process we must find out what it takes to MASTER the SACRED ART OF EATING, to Know that we are ONE WITH the ONE.

At the last stage of the TEST, of Mystery School Earth, “covid-19” is presented as the Absolute Opposite: With this Contrasting Opposite of Creation, we can Discern, to be able to give the Best Answer to the Last Question: “to BE or Not to BE·?

Please feel free to use anything that these pages contain. Create Flyers. Modify if you like, but keep it within the outline of the Universal Proclamation.